ensuring compliance

usp and fda compliance experts

Our crew of USP experts can review the current design of your facility to ensure it is compliant with appropriate standards and we can offer best-practice recommendations for upgrades, remediation if necessary. 
We can provide direct design assistance to create an optimum facility for sterile processes in a regulated environment, and expert peer-review of construction documents to verify the facility will be fully compliant.


facility design consulting

Many engineers understand general building HVAC systems but not the specific details of a cleanroom and more specifically, of a sterile compounding cleanroom suitable for compounding sterile preparations.
We combine our cleanroom experience and USP compounding chapter expertise with our engineer’s strong background in HVAC systems to create compliant and certifiable sterile compounding facility designs.

keep your facility compliant

Our team is available to peer review construction drawings.
We can review plans to ensure that the architectural finishes will be appropriate for the cleaning and testing necessary and to ensure that the mechanical plans will result in a certifiable and compliant facility.

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